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The Gift

“Below are exerts from an arcane text taught to and studied by novice Magi. These exerts were translated from an ancient Sivaksy traditional canon for none can explain the workings of magic better than the eldar who stole it from the Gods themselves.”

Excerpts from the Görlan Füal

Arcane Arts

The Gift manifests in many ways. For some, it comes through the medium of their Lwa, expressed through Song, Dance, Ritual, Sacrifice or the intervention of other spiritual powers. Yet for others the Gift is found in language - the writing of symbols and the study of incantations. 

Arcane Creeds

Throughout the ages, even back to the time when Gods strode upon the earth, magic has been wielded to different ends. Some say that the Gods themselves began it, each uttering a creed that laid claim to a dominion of magic. Some creeds were created to enhance and enchant. Some to create, some to destroy and some to call forth beasts from other realities. 

There exist today seven Creeds that remain since the time of the Old Ones: Sorcery, Shadow, Channeling, Enchanting, Necromancy, Mustikos and the Darthych.

The Mål Lag

Much of magic is concerned with the connection between caster and target, or victim. Connections are continually being forged and broken, but these connections follow laws. 

Canfod (Perception)

In a sense, Seeing is believing. The ability to perceive a target creates a bind between an observer and the observed. Perception includes all of the senses: sight, touch, smell or sound.

Haint (Contagion)

Things which have once been in contact continue to act on each other at a distance, even after physical contact has been severed

Tebyg (Similarity)

Like things attract like things, and are connected across distance and time. This one is a favorite of the Obeah Man or Mambo, who create dolls or images in the likeness of his victims

Livskraft Lag (Law of Life)

All things are energy. That energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can merely change form, even if this means that the form it used to have is destroyed.  When magic is used those energies must be drawn from somewhere, and the source will either be weakened or destroyed.

These energies can be drawn from the elements, from creatures even other people. Often, when a sorcerer has stretched himself beyond his abilities he is forced to draw upon his own life force, or the life force of others, to complete or sustain his sorcery.

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