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Eluuwa is a thematically dark fantasy world set on a southern subcontinent. An archipelago of significant islands lies off its shores just south of a tropical sea. The entire region sits just above an equatorial zone, our equivalent of about thirteen degrees north, up to the tropic of cancer. In total area it is approximately half the size of the Indian Subcontinent, but a significant portion of that is water.

The south is dominated by tropical forests, jungles, grasslands, and savannah. In the north, mountain ranges stretching above eight thousand feet bring more temperate climates. Beyond these northern mountains, nestled between ranges, lies a high-altitude desert of blackest sands where banshees roam and red devils drink one another’s blood.

In Eluuwa you can find European themes mixed with those based on the melting pot of the Caribbean. You will find things that are familiar – humans abound – things that are reimagined, and some that are new.

Elves, a fantasy staple, do not exist, but the Llfacsy are similar enough to seem familiar. Others, like the Kinn and Zula were inspired from a mashup of African and Amerindian influences.

Kabal Map-terrain.png
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When you think of Eluuwa, try to imagine that medieval Europe discovered the Caribbean, began the era of settlement and colonialism and established the slave trade centuries earlier than Columbus. Conquest was not as easy and not as fast, but colonialism driven by greed and subjugation still permeates everything. Their grasp on power is not as firm without eighteenth century technology and so they rely on the brutality of religion, economics and magic. 

Many of the kingdoms of Eluuwa, particularly in the South, function based on the medieval European model, with Warrior Kings and Petty Tyrants presiding over kingdoms, constantly warring with each other to expand their realms and exploiting any advantage to maintain power. Meanwhile, escaped slaves and oppressed peasants rise up to overthrow their masters; secret combinations conspire and old enemies bide their time, waiting until they can purge the land of these invaders.

Beneath it all, is the evidence of an old world. Eluuwa is built on top of its carcass. Ruins permeate the landscape, calling out with their secrets. Many Kabals, like the Freemasons, claim to preserve ancient lore, shrouded in layers of ritual. Relics from the ancients grant them legitimacy. And thus, the old world still gasps for life.

This complex milieu is flavored with the spice of Africa, Asia, Central America and Europe. These are reflected in many ways, including archetypes, weapons, art, religion and magic. 

Without gunpowder, magic has proven to be a great equalizer, and so the supernatural remains ever present. Ancestor spirits keep watch over their progeny, lending their power and support from beyond the veil, and infernal beings war for the souls of all.

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