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The Supernatural


Kabal incorporates many traditions about the supernatural, European, African and the mix of those from West-Indian mythology. European traditions are fairly well known, due to popularization in the media, so below I will focus on a few things from a West Indian perspective.

The Lougaroo


“Look upon the wicked and their abominations, which brought upon them their wars and their destructions. The wicked must be cleansed so that righteousness can rein.”


Servants of Celestial Light, Tribes of the Sun, they desire peace, freedom and the promotion of virtue.



"Without good evil destroys itself, and without evil, good becomes stagnant and as stifling as the night."


Servants of the Lesser Light, Tribes of the Moon and the Stars. The Väsen of the lesser light seek a middle ground, far away from the extremes of the light and the darkness.



“All Sol’Väsen desire and envy us in the dark closets of their hearts. We enjoy all that they dream and covet but are afraid to admit. Those holy hypocrites fear the darkness within them and chase the light. We steal the light and, in the darkness, smother her.”

Tribes of the Night, like other väsen they too desire freedom, but theirs is the freedom to operate under the cover of darkness, to indulge their deepest desires without reprisal and to destroy those who would enslave them with their false brands of morality.

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